Hamster              Hamster-S               Turtle                      Cheese Stick



1. Install the Scratch

   Scratch 2.0

(1)Adobe Air


Mac OS X

Mac OS 10.5 & Older (18.5 MB)


(2)Scratch 2.0

Windows (61.2 MB)

Mac OS X (60.6 MB)

Mac OS 10.5 & Older (60.6 MB)

*Direct Download link


   Scratch 3.0

Windows (112.4MB)

Mac OS X (140m2 MB)

*Direct Download link



2. Install the Robot Coding (Version 1.8)


Supported hardware: Hamster, HamsterS, Turtle, CheeseStick

You must install the Robot Coding Software before plugging the USB dongle into the USB port of your computer.

The Robot Coding Software for Windows is installed in the C:\RobotCoding folder.

Windows 64-bit Windows 10,  Windows 7 or higher (369.9 MB)

Windows 32bit 7 or higher (375.5.7 MB)

OSX 64-bit (353.7 MB)