Installation to Software










  1. Go to and click on the Software/Download menu.



  1. Once on install RobotCoding page, find the correct software for your OS and click to download.


  1. Double Click on the downloaded file to begin installation BEFORE connecting the USB dongle to the computer’s USB port.


  1. (For Windows) double-click RobotCoding-winxx-version.exe. The software will start to installation.



  1. USB Dongle Device driver will start to install once RobotCoding software is installed.

**If you already installed the device driver, you can click on “No” or “Cancel” button so you don’t need to install the device driver again.


  1. Once downloaded, try starting the program by double-click on the Robotcoding program icon.

**RobotCoding software will be in C:\RobotCoding folder by default.



  1. In MacOS, open the program by double-clicking RobotCoding-xxx.dmg. Once you do it, RobotCoding installation software USB Dongle will open. Install RobotCoding software first then USB Dongle driver.


  1. Select RobotCoding-xxx.pkg, right-click on it, and select the sub-menu “Open With – Installer.” Install RobotCoding software.





* If you double-click instead of right-clicking the sub-menu “Open With – Install” for RobotCoding-xxx.pkg, it won’t open. In this case, go to “System Preference – Security & Privacy” à Click “Open” on “Allow Apps download from:”


  1. To install the USB Dongle driver, double-click on SilLABsUSBDriverDisk.dmg file. A new window will open that includes the files about the driver installation. Double-click on Silicon Labs VCP Driver.pkg.

  1. Check to ensure your software has been installed. Double-click on the RobotCoding icon to start the program.

*Robot Coding software will be located on /Applications/ by default.


  1. This is what RobotCoding software start page looks like.